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Providing home care services across South East England.

Kent SCP Care Services

Elderly Care

Promoting independence and choice while helping elderly clients remain living in their own homes

Extra Care Housing

Dedicated housing and facilities that allow for both independence and 24/7 help and support

Physical & Learning Disabilities

Supporting people with dignity and respect who have a multitude of debilitating conditions


Short-term reablement care for people who need to regain independence both in and out the home

Our Services

Elderly Care

Growing older need not mean a person lose their independence. Caring for many elderly clients over the years, we, at Kent SCP, aim to enable our elderly customers to remain in the homes they’ve known and loved all their lives while still feeling a sense of self-reliance. Our care assistants help promote and facilitate outdoor & social activities, too, to maintain a client’s overall quality of life.

Reablement & rehabilitation

Any one of us could suffer a set-back in life because of accident, injury, illness or even prolonged stay in hospital that threatens our independence. Our highly-trained reablement teams support clients of all ages and needs to regain their skills and confidence at home, reducing or removing all together the need for ongoing care.

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Join the team

Care work can be a deeply rewarding experience. While certainly hard and challenging at times, being a care assistant can bring with it a considerable amount of personal satisfaction when you’re providing help to some of Kent’s most vulnerable people. As a care assistant, you’ll have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to a client’s overall well-being and see the direct results of your help. Some may be lonely, isolated, in pain or distressed but you’ll be the one providing peace-of-mind, not only to them but their families and friends, too. As a care assistant, you can be bring hope, inspiration or even just company to someone who most certainly needs it the most. Find our more about care assistant jobs at Kent SCP.

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